Buyers - 10 Steps to Buying a Home (Step 8)

Pre-close Preparation

As the closing date draws near you will need to be in contact with the escrow company or closing attorney and your lender to make sure that all the necessary documents are being prepared. You will also need to confirm that the documents will be delivered to the correct location so they can be reviewed and that they will be ready on the appropriate date. At this point, you should find out what form of payment you will need to bring to the closing for any unpaid fees. Make sure that your payment is made out to the appropriate party.

Brad can save you time and money by coordinating the necessary documentation with your closing officer. He can work with the closing officer as your consultant to insure thoroughness, accuracy, and timeliness. Making sure that each document is ready and available will enable you to have a quick, easy closing.

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When buying or selling a home, you need someone with experience, someone with integrity, and someone who will deliver results. Brad and his team will handle every aspect of the transaction to your complete satisfaction, always putting your needs first!